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Advice for Fighting Fleas 


There are four stages in a flea's lifecycle: eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas.  Only adult fleas live on the pet, the rest live in your home or garden.

  • It can take months to rid your home of fleas - a single treatment is not sufficient!
  • Fleas can live and breed indoors all year round
  • Any breaks in treatment mean your pets are at risk of picking up fleas again.  Once on your pet fleas will rapidly start breeding, laying up to 50 eggs a day which will infest your home.
  • Most flea treatments affect the flea's nervous system, causing hyper-excitation before they die - this can make them more easily visible in the animals coat.
  • Treat all areas frequented by your pets, including the car, outbuildings, and kennels.
  • Prevention is always better than (and easier than) the cure!

Treating an infestation

  • Correctly apply an effective flea treatment of the correct dose size to ALL cats and dogs on the property.
  • Vacuum the home thoroughly, moving and vacuuming under all furniture and in all nooks and crannies. Do this even if you have woodern and laminate floors.  Flea larvae move away from light, and can live between cracks in floor boards.
  • Wash pets bedding at 60 degrees C to remove some of the immature stages.
  • Thoroughly spray all floor space in the home with a household spray - you may need more than one can.  Move furniture and spray underneath and don't forget the car!
  • Encourage the pupal stages to hatch out into new adult fleas, so they will jump onto the treated pets and be killed.  Stimulate them by providing warmth, vibration and humidity - turn up the central heating, place damp towels on warm radiators, place bowls of hot water on the floor or boil the kettle in all rooms.  Vacuuming will cause vibration.
  • When new adult fleas emerge from the pupae they will jump onto your pets and may be seen before they die.  Eradicating pupae can take several months, so it is normal to continue to see live fleas during this period, though diminishing in numbers.
  • Vacuum again thoroughly two days after using the household spray, including under the sofa, between sofa cushions etc.  Regular vacuuming will help speed up the removal of eggs, larvae and pupae.
  • Allow your pets their usual run of the house.  As the adult fleas emerge, you want them to jump onto the pets to be killed, not onto you!


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