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These days our pets are living longer and longer.  We regularly see dogs and cats in their teens, and even sometimes cats in their twenties!   However, we consider dogs over 8 years and cats over 10 to be "senior". 


Just like people, older cats and dogs are more likely to start getting health issues, including arthritis, dental disease, thyroid problems, high blood pressure and more.  One of the main differences between us and our pets is that they can hide the early signs of these problems, often carrying on as normal until the condition is fairly well advanced.


St David's Vets are pleased to announce the launch of Senior Clinics for these older members of the family.  


We are passionate here at St Davids about preventative and geriatric medicine.  These clinics are designed to help pick up early signs of old-age conditions.  This means we can start treatment or management much sooner, leading to happier and longer lives for our pets.  Sometimes this might be as simple as a change in diet or exercise.  


Early recognition is vital for the best management of all old-age conditions.


St David's Senior Clinics include the following:


  • A Questionnaire filled out prior to consultation (this can be downloaded below).
  • A blood test. This will screen for diabetes, liver and kidney problems and more, and you will get the results during the appointment.
  • A urine test.  This also helps to check the kidneys and for diabetes.
  • Blood pressure measurement.  High blood pressure is common in older animals and can lead to problems with vision.
  • A nurse consultation, in which a qualified veterinary nurse will go through the questionnaire with you and identify any causes for concern.
  • A vet consultation, where all the results from the questionnaire, blood and urine tests will be summarised, and individual recommendations will be made for your pet. 

All the above is worth over £140.  But as part of our commitment to senior pet health, we are offering these clinics at the fantastic price of £59.99!


To start with, these clinics are being run from our Exminster branch, and will take place on Thursday afternoons.  Dogs over 8 years and cats over 10 years are eligible.  We hope to roll this scheme out to Exeter too soon, so if you are not an Exminster client, or you cannot make a Thursday afternoon, please call us on 01392 422898 to see what we can do for you.  A clinic will take around 30-40 minutes. 


Unfortunately animals on long term medication where regular blood tests are required may not be eligible.  Please ring to find out more, or if you are unsure if your pet can participate. 

Cat Questionnaire

Dog Questionnaire

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